What the Fck?

So I went on tumblr because i was bored and now my picture is a flower?


and She stabbed herself in the throat while eating a cake. That sure freaked me out.

Tumblr’s not my thing.


Idk why.. but it’s just notD: but I will sign on now and then..maybe post something up.


My friend’s so funny, she makes me laugh 14018498127318297312 times a day.

Another forced post ….

My friend made me post something again …

That person wants me to write a 3 paragraph story explaining my life and all that.



I remember during the summer we used to just talk until like 12 and play like omg pop until like 3 and then we got bored of it. -o- BUT STILL good times ^^ and then the time she just drew us doing drugs

Aw man, this is not 3 paragraphs -o-

I cant find mine D:


Its been 8 months .-.

It’s been 8 months since i’ve posted something haha.

And i only posted this because someone told me to ._.

well…. see you guys in another 8 months